Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Improvement Part I

So in an effort to personalize our anonymous ikea furniture I decided to add some pillows to the couch. Nothing fancy mind you, and I really only made them because I was too cheap to cough up money for all the expensive ones at Pier 1 and Pottery Barn. I also had to wait for some home decor fabric that I actually liked to go on sale at JoAnn's. So, once that happened I was able to produce this:

From Blog Pics

Now I know what you're thinking, anyone can sew a square and stuff an insert into it . . . very true. See, what I'm most impressed with here is something you can't even see in the pictures, ZIPPERS!!! That's right, I put zippers on the the bottom of the pillow so they're just like the ones you buy in the store. I can switch out the cover for others I make when I get more adventurous, find other fabric I like on sale, or just get bored. It was a minor feat, but I'd never worked with zippers before so I was pretty pleased with how they came out. It took a little navigating to figure out how to sew on the zipper so it wouldn't show and how to use the machine while there was a zipper pull in the way.

Stay tuned for Part II of Home Improvement!!!


adb said...

zippers! i guess now that you and christine have conquered them i better get on it. i'm really falling way behind. really pretty fabric too! way to out-do my couch pillows!

Yvonne said...

is that queen helene's cocoa butter on the table?! THE queen helene's that got us through college??

Michelle Leonard said...

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