Monday, November 10, 2008

Home Improvement Part II

So in all the excitement of the election (!!!!!) I almost forgot about my promise to share the second part of my home improvement project. I'm sure I left many of you on the edge of your seat in suspense. To provide a little context, those of you who saw my place in Albany will remember the constant damage being done by Rascal to my plastic mini-blinds. That problem was eventually solved by putting a hand me down curtain up. Unfortunately, that curtain didn't cover the window immediately behind our bed that both cats like to climb into in the middle of the night making lots of noise and breaking the blinds. So, rather just spend the money, I give you my own blinds:
From Blog Pics

I know, making curtains is not that difficult. You just hem three sides evenly then sew down the top leaving enough room for the rod, check. The challenge here was the fabric I picked out. Needing something Marcus and I could both agree on (meaning not too girly) was difficult, and I wanted something dark enough that I didn't have to line the curtains. So, we picked out this really nice silk home decor fabric, SILK. That was the challenge. Oh, and these curtains are two panels, to make it easier to open them and easier for the cats to get in. Another challenge: making two even panels. Now all I have to do is get my behind in gear and make the matching set for the other window!


Carina said...

It's nice... best of luck for your further home improvement.

christine said...

so you are alive after all.