Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Year Treat!

First of all, to my (probably non-existent) Jewish readership, I wish you all a happy and sweet new year! Now, here's a little treat for all of you to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with. Before I show you said treat, let me give you the recap of the conversation between Marcus and I when he came home on Sunday to my little surprise:

Marcus (from the bedroom): Sarah Elizabeth Shafer
Sarah (from the living room): Marcus Lamont Wilson
M: What is this?
S: What are you talking about?
M: Come in here.
S (walking to the bedroom): What's wrong babe?
M (pointing to the new pillow on the bed): What is this?
S: A pillow
M: I am neither white nor a shirtless firefighter.
S (bursts out laughing)
End Scene.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

From Blog Pics

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I have done a little crafting in the past few weeks. I just couldn't display my work because I had to wait to see the recipients of my genius in person. Since I recently had a wonderful day in NYC with her and her I can now share this:

From Blog Pics

From Blog Pics

I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to show my appreciation and love for these two amazing young women then by documenting our two years of grad school in scrap book form! I hope they enjoy having them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Oh, and look forward to an upcoming post showcasing a project that came out of said trip to NYC.

Sorry for the Backlog!

I blame my complete lack of blogging on the fact that my life is very boring these days and I do nothing worth blogging about. Take, for instance, the fact that I had to attend a 3 day Adventures in Attitudes training at the end of August for work. And trust me, it was as cheesy as it sounds. The best part (aside from being able to wear jeans for three work days) was that they filled the tables with all sorts of toys and such. Perfect for someone like me who tends to get restless. Plus, it allowed me to do this with all the pipe cleaners:

Yup, you got it. A bouquet of flowers made solely out of pipe cleaners. I know, it doesn't get much better than that.