Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Burrito Wrap!

So one of the many friends (or just people I know) having babies this winter had a baby shower this past weekend. It was an interesting shower altogether. It had a Mad Hatter (yes from Alice in Wonderland) theme, and was a little out there in some ways. But, the mother and father to be couldn't be happier, which is all that matters. Anyway, I set out a few weeks ago to create a baby blanket to honor this event. However, when I finished I realized I was a little off in my dimensions:

From Blog Pics

Obviously not very practical given it's very wide but not very long, or vice versa. So, I thought, what if I just fold it here (and with some inspiration from my boy) keep wrapping around, sewing it together at every cross section I'd wind up with this:
From Blog Pics

a BABY BURRITO WRAP!!!! If I may say so myself, brilliant. And the mother to be loved it. Stay tuned in another 3 weeks (!!!!) or so for pictures of the actual baby burrito!

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