Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Place!

So with the exception of a few more pictures to hang on the wall and containers to put back in storage, Marcus and I are all moved into our new place. As I promised several individuals, that means it's time to see some pics. You can see the pre, during, and post move pictures here, but I figured I'd share my two favorite pieces of the new place:

our beautiful new tv and:

and the cubed bookcase thing. I love those! I will also point out that being the not so great photographer I am these photos do not do the new place justice. So, I am demanding that those interested enough to read this blog and look at the pictures MUST come and see the place in person. I mean come one, we even have an actual guestroom and comfortable couch!


Yvonne said...

i love that scrubs is clearly on your new tv!

and your kitchen cabinets remind me of our cushy duplex in the east village.

it looks so lovely! what's it like putting out your arms and not touching wall and furniture at the same time?

christine said...

i also love that you were watching scrubs. plus your new place looks sweet, MAYBE i'll see it in person. did you ever get the card i emailed you this week?