Monday, August 25, 2008

New Family Member

So, this post is bit delayed given my recent laziness, but I would like to introduce our new family member, Gremlin:

We've had him for about almost three weeks now, and after some growing pains with Rascal, we're one big happy family. Marcus's friend rescued a litter of kittens and Gremlin was the last one she couldn't find a home for. So, we took him. Personally, I just thought Gremlin went really well with Rascal. He's going on three months old now and getting bigger everyday! For my friends I'm trying to get to come visit . . . don't worry, he's MUCH quieter than Rascal. For more pictuere of Grem and Rascal (and even a few on the spider Max) take a look here.


Yvonne said...


i like how you (maybe subconsciously) put a pen next to him to give us readers an idea of just how little he is.

also, i'd like to "flag as inappropriate" those linked pictures of rascal and gremlin together. they are inappropriately cute. IT'S TOO MUCH TO HANDLE ALL THAT CUTENESS AT ONCE!

allison said...

awww! i knew rascal would warm up to him ;)

i'm def coming now.