Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catch Up and New Purpose

Ok, so clearly I've fallen way behind on my posts since graduation. Things have been way too, but amidst all that crazy isn't much to blog about. However, I'll play catch up with a few blogs posts about such noteworthy thing as exploring Upstate NY pre-move, a trip to Vegas, and moving. Oh, and for those of you out there who know what I'm referring to . . . I've officially gotten my bridesmaid dress. It's currently being altered, but it's all we dreamed it would be.

To all my friends in Albany (bloggers and non-bloggers alike): seeing as how I now live with Marcus I no longer have to literally send him my love. I will be leaving the title of this blog the same, though. I'm know sending my love to you guys across cyberspace, and hoping this will help us all stay in touch. I miss you guys already, and thanks so much for the past two years!

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Yvonne said...

you know i will be needing photos from every angle in order to create a powerpoint presentation entitled "america's firecraker" correct?