Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So not only do I get to spend my days planning all the cutesy packages I'm going to send, I also occasionally get my own love filled care packages. In addition to becoming particularly adept at ordering beautiful flowers online you would be amazed by the other gems he comes up with. For instance, here are my Valentine's Day goodies:

In the background you'll see what is apparently a lavender hat box that the wonderful set of red velor pajamas came in, otherwise known as a pajamagram. Don't ask why a dreidel, especially in February, I'm really not sure, but the boy drew it himself so he gets major points. That adorable little bear is here to keep these guys company. The fireman bear was last year's Valentine's Day present and that giant camel was i my first care package.

Does anyone else find it odd that they sell all sorts of weird stuff with the name of the base on it? Is it supposed to be like going to summer camp or just marketing war?

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